Skate Across USA Finishes At Bustin NYC!

Who are these smartly dressed bunch of chaps? Well, they are a part of a gang of longboarders who just skated 2,894 miles in 22 days (130 miles per day in relay format) to get from Westport, Oregon, to Bustin’s HQ in Brooklyn, NYC. Flippin’ amazing stuff lads! You can find out more about the crew (Ari, Marc, Dhanny and Jonathan and Brian!) here on their website, and find out how our friends at Bustin are helping the party get started in style with a grand finale 26-mile push through New York City!

One thought on “Skate Across USA Finishes At Bustin NYC!

  1. Awesome checking out your trip! I did a trip this last summer 1300 miles from Parker Az to Portland Oregon. I skated about 40 miles daily, a few days even 80. I plan on my next trip starting in June across the united States, camping most the way. Good to see others doing it! Check out my facebook page Longboard Tramper. Keep up the good work:)

    Chuck Swafford ( longboard tramper)

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