LongTreks – Episode 5 Summit #1

Here’s the latest episode from our friends Aaron, Paul and Adam. For more information visit Longtreksonskatedecks.com, supported by Rayne Longboards and Orangatang Wheels. Episode 5. Adam writes…

Skateboarding uphill for 3 days proves an actual possibility—now time for some Downhilling!
This episode includes bad pavement, diarrhea, scrapes and bruises, and the first showers taken in 4 days (Electric shower. Whoo hoo!)—Aaron falls in love and quits the trip.

This episode was the TURNING POINT FOR ME.  At the end of this Episode when we are sitting on the ledge after going up and down our first huge pass that was 79 miles of uphill with the highest elevation being 14,400 ft pass, I felt we could do and accomplish anything.  Bring it on!

Leading up to that though, when we got to the restaurant, it was only noon or so. We stayed there the whole day. Hahaha! We were all just so beat and tired and could not get ourselves to go back outside into the rain and cold.  Aaron and I both had bad diarrhea, and that sucked.  We bonded with the family that owned the restaurant and we ate a lot of food—just kept on eating and eating.  And by “food” I mean cookies, French fries and egg sandwiches—that is all they had. We were thankful nonetheless. That night the family let us sleep in a small hut they weren’t using.  Paul and Aaron shared a lopsided bed and I took the floor.

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