When we started Skatefurther back in 2008 we wanted to bring to the world the different journeys that people are realising you can do on a skateboard. 2 years on we are proud of the community we have crreated. All journeys, be they 24 hour skates in Seattle, the latest European trip, cross-state skates, marathon races, continent crossings or world record events, need some sort of support. Rob Thomson, the current distance skating world record holder put it simply when he said…

Community is the most essential factor in any successful endeavour. Without the community, I wouldn’t have made it across China and to my goal at Shanghai. Period.

Not all journeys are on a skateboard though.

James Peters, the man behind, 24 hour ultraskates and the Roe Mermaid has had it rough recently. A cancerous growth on his forehead had to be removed meaning pretty serious surgery, a huge hole, possible reconstructive surgery and long recovery time.

James, from everyone here at skatefurther; from all skaters who you have influenced, we wish you the fastest of recoveries. Our thoughts are with you all the way on this new journey.

Much love skatefurther.

3 thoughts on “Community.

  1. James, hoping and praying for a full recovery. Just had a pre-cancerous spot removed off of my backs only weeks before my trip.

    Take care man.


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