No Car? No Problem!

In July, 22 year-old Sam Bartlett will be setting out on a 300 mile trek across Britain to raise money for Sustrans. Sustrans are a rad charity, and responsible for maintaining the cycle routes that keep many a long distance skateboarder safe and sound. You can check out Sam’s blog here – good luck Sam, you’re going to have so much fun!

One thought on “No Car? No Problem!

  1. Go Sam, go. Come on all you would be sponsors, sam needs some support for this treck, 300 miles from Hull ending in Bournemouth town centre. Not even a skate board sponsor for wheels or T shirts. Get your name on him, give this some support. Christ he had to buy his own helmet.
    Donate to Sustrans on through his Blog connection.
    Go Sam, go.

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