GreenSkate 2010

We here at Skatefurther truly believe skateboarding to be a viable form of transportation; be it skating down to the shops, to school, work or even across a country. GreenSkate is an event that started from a similar principal.

To Celebrate and encourage the low impact of longboard skateboards on our environment as a form of effective transportation.

On Earth Day 2007 Calgary Alberta Canada was the host to the first GreenSkate Event. It may come as a surprise that a community of longboarders surrounded by the Calgarian oil and gas industry would feel sympathetic to any green cause; however the Speedboard and Longboard Association of Calgary couldn’t be any more ambitious.

GreenSkate was expanded in 2008 to include the global skateboard community. Rocio Caceres Borlando from Chile in 2008 and 2009 continues to organize the largest GreenSkate with over 100 + riders that cruised 7.5 km to “La Moneda”. Everyone who skateboards in every city around the world is invited to participate in GreenSkate 2010.

Energy and environmental issues are on the global stage more than ever. Earth Day is a great time for longboarders to take to the streets to promote longboarding as a fast, environmentally friendly and sustainable form of urban transportation.

To find out more about the various GreenSkate events happening worldwide, hit up the Website, you can also show your love on their Facebook page.

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