Pushmore – Maidstone to Newquay

We just got this through our inbox, and thought you might like to know of another UK journey that happened back in the summer. All on a topmount shortboard:

So Nat got hold of me through Gary@ ‘Bored of Southsea’ and asked for a little write up and a few pictures of my skate journey back in July. I don’t really know where to start. As you can imagine skating from Maidstone to Newquay is by no means a short skate! Well 328 miles to be exact, not including taking wrong turnings and going slightly off course!


A lot of people ask me why I did this and I blame ‘Comic Relief’ well I should really be thanking them for the most amazing trip of my life, it was this program that made me think of doing something (maybe stupid) but different for a good cause, for personal reasons I choose the Kent Air Ambulance Trust after the loss of a very dear friend who was killed coming back from the V-festival back in 2006 as well as this charity I chose Skateistan which is a Skateboard program based in Kabul in Afghanistan which promotes skateboarding to young kids to help escape from getting caught up in the war and doing something more constructive, as well as teaching them skateboarding they also help with their English and Computer Skills- keep up all the good work Oliver and all at Skateistan.

So back to the journey-there is so much that happened in the 10 days it took me to reach Newquay but all I can really say is if you ever get the opportunity to do such a thing take full advantage of it, grab it by the horns and ‘Push More’, it’s the most amazing thing I have ever done-maybe the hardest thing I have ever done but when it comes to personal achievement it’s right up there!

When asked about the training involved in such a trip people find it hard to believe that I didn’t really do any, I mean it involves myself skateboarding and I have been pushing myself around on a skateboard for over 20 years-surely that’s enough training isn’t it? Well you would think, didn’t quiet expect it to hurt as much as it did but there are a few things that made it a lot easier, ‘Party Feet’ those gel things that women use so they can wear stupid shoes to go out in, they saved my heels and the balls of my feet so much, ‘Ricta Clouds’ and ‘Zip Zipper’ wheels made the rough terrain bearable, ‘Bones Swiss Bearings’, yes they are 80 pound a set but they are money well spent and will last longer than opting for cheaper ones.

For more of an in depth diary of this skate journey check out the following blog: www.pushmoredriveless2009/blogspot.com, I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all those that made this possible for me, first of all I have to give a massive thanks to Ryan@ ‘POPNOW’, a Skater Owned Shop in Maidstone who hooked me up with a full set-up, spare bearings, shoes the lot! Cheers Ryan you’re a legend bro!

Just as much of a legend was Gary@ ‘Bored of Southsea’ who also hooked me up with some wheels and also a few T-shirt’s for the trip, also Paige@ ‘Eastpak’ who sent me some luggage sets for the trip, amazing and very useful! Cheers Paige. I mustn’t forget Scott@ ‘Skateistan’ who hooked me up with some ‘Skateistan’ T-shirt’s for the trip! Cheers Scott and keep up the good work mate!

Last and no means least I have to thank everyone for their support and encouragement both before and during the trip! There is one more person that I have to thank with all my heart who was there throughout the trip, even if not on the road with me was always there! My wife! Thank you! I love you Katy xx

Now that you have finished reading this go ‘Push More People!’


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