Interview – Dodoboards

It has been a little while, but when I started thinking about picking up the hobby of longboarding I was lost. Reddit and Facebook gave me all kinds of new words -all kinds of new expressions- that I did not know.
I for one did not know what a board was built from and what you called the fancy metal parts. Trucks were a mystery, wheels were weird. Luckily someone came to my rescue. A Reddit user later identified as Douwe directed me to his website, He had a page explaining all the little parts and naming them.

Since then I have of course surpassed the level of beginner and over time I redirected more and more people to his website. A webshop started with love. From a skater with a passion to all people who are looking into getting serious.
In my opinion an interview with the boss-man himself was not out of place.

Of course! A link to the webshop: clickity-click (opens a new tab, don’t be shy)

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