Forum – 10 things you learn while skating an Ultraskate

We all have our goals, and Skatefurther ambassador Marco Heinen (@boozy) had a special one in 2016. After conquering Cancer in 2014 he competed in his first real long-distance Event at the 2015 Dutch Ultrakate in Spaarndam/NL and achieved 100miles. Just 4 weeks later, he was struck by a car, getting forced into a wheelchair for 6 months with multiple fractures in the leg. After rehabilitation, he again competed in the 2016 24-hour Dutch Ultraskate. Visit the SkateFurther forum to read about his experience in the 24 hours ‘pain cave’ in  the 10 things he learnt while skating an Ultraskate.

2016-06-26 16.39.31

2016-06-27 09.49.20