Review – e|sk8 boards ‘Ouiija’

Next review in our Harfangatang Competition comes from Philip Hannesbo – The Esk8 boards ‘Ouiija’

The Esk8 boards ‘Ouiija’ is a portuguese brand. The owner António Teixera makes the most incredible handbuild longboards, in a very of different shapes. I got the model named “Ouiija” originally designed in cooperation with Tusk design brackets. First nice impression was that I got to choose how I would like my longboard to be build. I could choose between the “normal” deck, have a layer of glass fiber added (which I choose) or have a layer of carbonfibre. Besides that I could choose how I would like the graphic: just a decal or handburned.

I received the deck in the mail and I put all the parts together right away.

What a nice fluent pumper – but also a phenomenal pusher! 

My setup was the deck with Gbomb deep drop (regular) brackets, Tracker Rts in rear and fully modified Bennett Vector 5.0 in front with 85mm Seismic Speedvents: “Clear blue” (85a) in rear and “Mango” (78,5a) in front.


This deck I also used for the Dutch Ultraskate 2016 where I managed to do 239,4 km even though I overslept. It was a great deck for the ultra because it is very low, and has a nice flex to it which helps a lot when pumping (LDP) and pushing. 
I couldn’t dream of a nicer deck for the price I got it.

It may not be the fastest pumper, but really effective for long, long trips.

I think that says it about the Ouiija – absolute amazing deck. Which kind of does it all.

Pumping: 9/10

Pushing: 8/10
Cheers for the review Philip. If you want to be in with a chance of winning a set of Harfangatang wheels, email your review to – it could be skating equipment, camping kit or even a skate route you use. Send it it and you might win!

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