Review – Bern Allston Helmet

More and more bike helmets are being used for distance skating. To kick of the helmet thread on the Skatefurther Forum, here’s Ehren Mohammadi’s pros and cons on what looks like a great mix of bike and peaked skate helmet – the Bern Allston.


Weight : 12oz

16 vents for good air flow.

Visor can be flipped up or down and can be washed when it gets nasty.

It protects your head pretty well and doesn’t move around a lot.

Light weight and vents make it very comfortable to wear for long hours of longboarding.

You can use it for cycling and longboarding


Not the “safest” skate helmet

Vents make for easy crack to happen when you fall on it.

The clips inside where the visor clips in can break off if you aren’t careful

Won’t be a long lasting helmet if you fall on your head often.

High price tag $90


One thought on “Review – Bern Allston Helmet

  1. I love mine so far. I think bern also has a replacement deal where if you smash your lid they will replace it. But yeah pricy as all get out

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