Euro distance trips – Portugal

After Giovanni’s successful trip mentionned on our Facebook page at the start of the week, it is time for another journey to take place in sunny Portugal.

On the 22nd April Thib and Romain will skate the 377km between Lisbon and Porto in about 10 days for the fun of skating. These guys have been training hard, attending recent events including the Icy Annecy Push Race and last weekend’s 6 hour push race in Lyon (part of the Rhône Festi’gliss) where they took 1st and 2nd place for longboarders despite difficult weather conditions.

Keep up to date as they progress along their route via the trip’s dedicated Facebook page or website. Enjoy it guys!

2 thoughts on “Euro distance trips – Portugal

    1. From what we’ve read and heard the road conditions have been good! For insider info I’d contact one of the skaters who has done the trip, such as Giovanni. Best of luck with your trip!

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