Skate4Cancer France

Taken from a great blog

Skate4Cancer founder Rob Dyer has officially completed his fifth country-wide skateboard marathon. Rob skateboarded from one side of France to the other, promoting youth interest in cancer prevention. It was a gruelling but relatively short endeavor. Rob has performed similar physically exhausting feats across the USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

In 2004 Rob Dyer founded Skate4Cancer, by skateboarding from Los Angeles to Toronto. Skate4Cancer is a non-profit organization with a mission to cure cancer by encouraging people to lead healthy lives and prevent cancer from interrupting or even ending their own lives.

Since this first step, a lot has changed. Rob has skated over 25,000 km, in four different countries, and Skate4Cancer has reached out to millions of young people worldwide. This is no easy task: there is no manual, nothing is predictable, anything can happen, and everything could go wrong. But through all of this one thing is certain, giving up was not an option. In just 4 weeks Rob made it across a foreign country all to further the Skate4Cancer mission…

Skatefurther salutes you Rob.

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