Trips that have caught our eye

In the Northern hemisphere, Summertime is quickly running out and the nights are drawing in. Skate trips are more fun in the sun than rain, better to get them in soon than ending up pushing in the wet. What are you waiting for to organise your own adventure? Here are few recent trips that have come to our attention:

LIV Village 200 mile charity skate
At the end of August Chris White started on a 200 mile trip by skateboard to be completed over just 4 days, in order to raise money and awearness for LIV Village South Africa which provides holistic, residential care for orphans and vulnerable children . Chris is skating from Brimfield near Birmingham to Exeter, Devon (route here).

Chris’ trip is all the more exceptional because less than four years ago he was having to use a wheelchair to get around as he suffered from ME. Then miraculously on 22nd November 2007,  he was healed. Follow Chris’s progress on the dedicated Facebook page. The last we heard, he was in Wellington, with about 26 miles to go. Chris doesn’t plan to stop there and is looking into skating longer distances in the future.

Vancouver San Francisco
We’ve been following Romain Bessiere’s exploits for a little while now (check out his past trips on the forum) and his latest escapade follows a tried and tested recipe. Take a bag, fill it with camera equipment and a few other essentials, grab a board and then skate from a point A to point B taking pictures as you go.  His distance of choice this time happens to be 1500km (932miles).

Follow Romain’s trip on his Facebook page or on his website Globeskater. As far as we know he is in, or just leaving Seattle!

Giovanni’s European tour
Before the Paris Ultraskate Giovanni hadn’t really skated much distance but since then he has become hooked and is setting his aims high. His project is to do a circular tour of Europe by longboard (rough map here).

He will be starting his trip in Paris, France from the Trocadero ths coming Sunday 4th September, 8am. If you are in the area and feel like supporting him why not see him off and skate part of the way with him? There is more information about the meeting Sunday here (in French).

If you fancy keeping up with how is journey is going there are a few different ways:
– Trip Facebook page
– Trip website (in French)

Distance trips are what we love. If you’re tempted to organise your own , there is a plethora of information to help you on our forum. Everything you need to start of can be found, from which gear or which routes to take as well as many trip write ups . Don’t heistate to share any events, trips or distance-skating experiences with us! If we can help out by promoting then we will!

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