World Alive 2K2Cali

Here at Skatefurther we always love hearing about your skate trips and here is one that has grabbed our attention recently. Wyatt Welter and Gerold Gaches, the founders of the Not For Profit Organization World Alive are currently longboarding unsupported the 2000+  miles (3200+ km) from Whitewater, WI to Carslbad in CA. As well as a being a physical challenge, they are also aiming to raise $10,000 for the Keep A Breast Foundation.

They are currently in Salt Lake City, UT – about two thirds of the way. Keep up with their progress on their Facebook page and on the World Alive website. Good work guys!

2 thoughts on “World Alive 2K2Cali

  1. Thank-you for the wonderful article, the world-alive crew has made it to Carmel Ca., they camped there last nite and are boarding now to the next town! They have worked very hard and deserve this recognition, they have close to 400 miles to go yet! New pics on their website and Im trying to get word out that to donate go to 4k2cali, they havent raised near what they should have now! If you could help. Thank-you

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