Paris Ultraskate Roundup

Determined. That is probably the most fitting way of describing the attitude amongst the participants of the Paris Ultraskate which took place last weekend. All were determined to give it their all, but also determined to make a good time of it too. Along with the skaters that came to take part from from the UK and Holland, it was great to see a good turnout of local skaters ready to rise to the challenge. Altogether there were more than 20 present (skaters plus support crew) at the start.

The weather was warm and pleasant during the whole time but the course had it’s fair share of challenges. We had everything from angry cyclists annoyed at seeing skaters on ‘their circuit’ to traffic jams and drunken people milling around during the night, not to mention more unsavoury types. There was certainly enough to keep everyone on their toes in what was a pretty urban Ultra.

After 24 hours the results were as follows:

Romain Bessière (FR): 366.8 km (227.9 miles) – Push
Paul Brunninkhuis (NL): 338 km (210 miles) – LDP
Jesse Beau (NL): 324 km (201.4 miles) – Push
Matthieu Josse (FR): 305 km (189.5 miles) – Push
Iemke Postma (NL): 261 km (162 miles) – Push
Chris Vallender (UK/FR): 201 km (124.8 miles) – Push
Alex Bangnoi (FR): 179 km (111 miles) – Push
Giovanni Barbazza: 150 km (93 miles) – Push
Jason Yoyotte Lapierre (FR): 100km (62 miles) – Push
Alex Pereira (FR): 100km (62 miles) – Push
José Laurier (FR): 100km (62 miles) – Push
Eric de Ridder (NL): 68 km (42 miles) – Push
Tim Pritchard (UK): 85.7 km (53.3 miles) – LDP

What really made the event special was the people, there was a great atmosphere the whole time. Everybody was enthusiastic and although the circuit could have been quieter, flatter and smoother everyone went hell for leather. Big shout out goes to everyone who made the event what it was and also: Marvin ThineAntoine ‘Babar’ Chaput, Jacques Chardenal who came along to support. Ultraskate love!

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