Episode 13: The Catfish of Hope and Backflip of Pain

After a week of daily strain, the pressure crack on Adams board gave way and broke sending Adam to the pavement. The helpless Gringos hitchhike through the luscious lakeside hills into Bolivia. The solution to the broken longboard lies in the bio-mimicry of a freshwater creature, the catfish. With the days off and the excitement of being in a new country they travel across great Titicaca to the Isla Del Sol; a magical island where the first Inca was birthed. They chum-it-up with new friends and enjoy new interesting scenery when their ‘vacation’ goes terribly wrong. They immediately leave to skate to La Paz and before they can turn back they’re stuck camping in the slums of El Alto, making a sprint for La Paz to beat the morning traffic in the complete dark.

3 thoughts on “Episode 13: The Catfish of Hope and Backflip of Pain

  1. Hey just wondering how I officially join the forum? It said I had to
    email skate further with my user name “BeardFace” but when I tried,
    the email didn’t work…

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