The Dutch Ultraskate.

Dutch Ultraskate

At the same time as the US Ultra was happening in Seattle, a bunch of Skatefurther forum members in the Netherlands decided to give an Ultraskate a go. The results were pretty amazing.

Jesse Beau, 325km (331km counting the 2 laps his GPS failed)
Paul Brunninkhuis, 290km
Arjan Koek, 270km
Jochem Boer, 255km
Edwin aka Wizzy, 202km
Joost GT, 201km

From our reckoning 4 out of 6 skaters made it into the top 10. Jesse becoming the newest member of the coveted 200 mile club! From the pics it looks like a good time was had by all, I’m sure we will get a full write up on the 24 hours in the forum soon.

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