Pushing for Peace

Mark Chavez

In August of 2010, 19 year old Mark Chavez will begin a year long, 6000 mile, longboard trip from Bremerton, Washington, south to Los Angeles, California on highway 101. Then east to Jacksonville, Florida along Interstate 10, and continuing north following Interstate 95 to Augusta, Maine.

Pushing For Peace will be a year long journey devoted to spreading love, peace, and compassion throughout the US from city to city. Inspired by the John Lennon quote that, If everyone demanded peace, instead of a new TV, then their would be peace, Mark is going to take a year long material fast. He will only purchase the things necessary for the trip; food, water, and shelter, when he cannot obtain those things through donations from his supporters. Although there isn’t an official web page set up at this time, there is a facebook page that can be found. On this page you can show your support, read more about the trip, and find out about the trip route, if you would like to help out along the way.

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