Hobo Longboarding

Forum member Christopher Vallender too a little unassisted trip into the wilds of the French countryside recently, and has done a really wonderful write up in the events section of the Skatefurther forum. Entitled ‘Last Minute Dash From Paris’ Chris skated 150km with a rucksack and ‘Hobo’d’ it in the French countryside.

The pictures from the trip look amazing and I know a few of us are looking into the possibility of a ‘French Trip’ in the not too distant future…

You can read Chris’ write up of his Last minute dash in the Skatefurther forum thread and look through his wonderful pictures here.

Looks good huh?

2 thoughts on “Hobo Longboarding

  1. Really chuffed to have this on the front page – it’s such an honour! Thank you! Can’t wait for this ‘French trip’ to get organised – it’s probably time to open a new thread…

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