Boardfree Ireland

It’s been a while since forum member Alan returned from his epic skate across Irealand. But today he posted up some of the pics from his journey: Boardfree Ireland. Alan skated over 200 mles from Mizen Head to Malin Head using a Rollsrolls Woodie (forum thread is here, official websites are here & here) His journey was to raise money and awareness for both the British Heart Foundation and Irish Heart Foundation.

From Alan’s blog

The final push, about 22 miles, weather looks unsettled but is dry as I leave in the morning. The roads are very good, some of the best yet. The scenery gets more beautiful by the mile. I’m happy and grinning as cars flash and people wave at me. Word is out having been interviewed on a local community radio station on Friday morning. Once I near Malin the Atlantic comes into view and scenery takes my breath away.

We were following his progress closely on the forum thread and reading his exploits on Alan’s own blog. Alan had some pretty hard weather and roads to deal with but he made it to the end. You can see some of the pics from the amazing journey on his flickr page.

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