Big Skate Home

Forum memeber Keith sets off on his big trip soon. All of us here at skatefurther wish him the best of luck on his epic journey. We can’t wait to see the photos and hear about his Big Skate Home. Keith is skating to raise money for Daisy’s Dream, a charity that helps children who have suffered bereavement in their families. You can find out about more on Keith’s trip in the Skatefurther forum page and you can donate on the Big Skate Home JustGiving page.

Keith will be skating the trip on a Rollsrolls Sportster with Holey trucks and 97mm flywheels. Click on the links to the reviews.

One thought on “Big Skate Home

  1. Well done Keith, great to see you getting some coverage for this trip – it’s Mr O’ Leary to YOU! Awesome work, good luck and I’ll be above you all the way, so to speak! 😀 x

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