How To – Rayne Piranha 0° setup

Samuel has been over in the Skatefurther Forum letting us know about an experiment he has been working on. A lower than low LDP board. For more info on his setup visit the 'How To' section on the forum. Watch the video bleow to see his LowDP in action!


Review – DIY Bo Landpaddle

Neil completes all the entries for the #harfangatang wheels. He reviews a DIY Bo Landpaddle. Hello SkateFurther my name is Neil Hayler and my review is for something that has been the saving grace for my long distance pushing and might help others. About five years ago I suffered a dvt or blood clot in my push … Continue reading Review – DIY Bo Landpaddle

How To – Homemade Mudflaps with Eric

Way back when SkateFurther first started we had a forum thread about homemade mudflaps. We even ran a competition for the best designed ones! Here's Eric's 'How-To' on making mudflaps! Thanks Eric! Mudflaps made of Ikea cutting Boards. Time needed: 30 minutes or 1 hour, depends on your skills. Things you need: 1 Ikea cutting … Continue reading How To – Homemade Mudflaps with Eric