Mr Jim and Bro’s Swedish Adventure!

Two weeks ago, Mr Jim (of the Asia adventure fame!) finished a fantastic 600km trip with his brother (pictured). They skated the islands of Oland and Gotland, Sweden’s biggest! Even with a destroyed knee, they managed to get the job done over 11 days of skating and it’s so cool to see Jim doing moreContinue reading “Mr Jim and Bro’s Swedish Adventure!”

MrJim’s South East Asia Odyssey Begins!

Tomorrow, at lord only knows what time GMT, Swedish distance skater Jim Petersson and his partner Maria will begin an exciting-looking 3000km trip from Chiang-Mai in the north of Thailand all the way down to Singapore. Jim’s been giving us the low-down on the trip in the forum, and wow – just wow. In trueContinue reading “MrJim’s South East Asia Odyssey Begins!”